Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics


SORTIE-ND software is subject to the SORTIE-ND license. Downloading any software or source code indicates your acceptance of this license.

Release notes:

Note that version numbers for each download reflect the last time they were updated: if they have a release number before the latest, they were not updated with the latest release.

Version 6.11.2 was released on June 27, 2012 to correct an error causing a crash when writing output files in certain circumstances.

Version 6.11.1 was released on May 29, 2012 to correct an error related to grid map entry, and to correct an error for a parameter for the Double resource relative growth behavior.

FileDescriptionDate releasedSize (KB)Platform
sortie_setup_6_11.zipSORTIE-ND 6.11 software with user manualJune 27, 20127621Windows
SORTIE 6.11 User Manual.pdfSORTIE-ND 6.11 user manualApril 20, 20114670PDF / Any
manual_6_11.zipSORTIE-ND 6.11 complete user and developer manualApril 20, 20115375HTML / Any
manual_6_11.tar.gzSORTIE-ND 6.11 complete user and developer manualApril 20, 20113540HTML / Any
gmf_sample_6_11.zipSample GMF parameter file (more info)July 27, 2011 (correction)5SORTIE-ND
c_code_6_11.zipSORTIE-ND 6.11 core model source codeApril 20, 20115703C++ / Windows
linux_c_code_6_11.tar.gzSORTIE-ND 6.10.01 core model source code for Linux, ALPHA (see README)April 20, 2011704C++ / Linux
java_code_6_11.zipSORTIE-ND GUI source codeApril 20, 20114446Java / Any
java_code_6_11.tar.gzSORTIE-ND GUI source codeApril 20, 20114328Java / Any
c_test_code_6_11.zipSORTIE-ND CppUnit test source codeApril 20, 20115843C++