Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Setup tree save options window

Click for more on the different tree life history stages, tree data members, and saving live vs. dead trees. For a guide on how to set up output, see the Output strategies topic.

This window is reached from the Setup detailed output file window. It allows you to choose options for tree data for a detailed output file.

There are four tabs at the top of the window, one each for seedlings, saplings, adults, and snags. For each of these tree types, you choose each piece of data that you want to save, and how often you want to save it. Some of the data always apply and will always be available. Other types of data only exist when certain behaviors that need them have been chosen for the current run. Each piece of data may not be available for all species. The window will sort out and ignore any invalid combination.

You can work through the process below as many times as you like until you have your settings the way you want them.

Select one or more species. Begin here by choosing the species of the data you want to save. You can Ctrl + click to select multiple species at once.

For each tree save. For the species that you have selected, click on what you want to save for each tree of that species. You can Ctrl + click to select multiple data at once.

Select one or more death reasons. If you are selecting save options for dead trees, this is a list of possible mortality reasons. Only trees that died for selected mortality reasons will be saved. Your run may not support all of the reasons listed. Check the documentation for your chosen disturbance behaviors and mortality behaviors for more information on which mortality codes will apply to your run.

Save every X timesteps. Choose how often, in timesteps, you want to save the data. The number 1 saves every timestep. The number 0 saves only the first and last timesteps. Any other number X saves data every X timesteps.

Add. Use the Add button once you have chosen your data and how often you wish to save it.

What's being saved. This is a list of all of the save settings that are currently set up for this tree type. If it is not displayed here, it won't be saved.

Remove. If you would like to erase a setting, select it in the "What's being saved" box and click "Remove".