Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Tree output

You can save both high level plot wide tree information and data on individual trees.

Dead trees and live trees in output

You can collect output information on both living trees and trees that died, for both types of output files. This allows you to view various charts and examine statistics for the trees that died each timestep. Dead trees are only recorded in the timestep in which they died. If a tree dies and creates a snag, it will show up twice: once when it creates the snag, and once when the snag is removed from the model. The snag itself is considered "alive" because it is still interacting with the model.

Dead trees are classed by mortality reason code. When you choose what data to save for output, if you save dead trees, you select which mortality codes you would like data for. If you do not save information for a particular mortality reason, it will not show up in the output even though there may be trees that died for that reason. All mortality reasons are always listed, although a particular run may not kill trees for that reason. Check the documentation for your chosen disturbance behaviors and mortality behaviors for more information on which codes will apply to your run.