Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Batch file setup window

This window is reached from the menu option "File-> New batch file" in the main SORTIE-ND window, or by opening a batch file using "File-> Open file". It allows you to set up a new batch file. For more information on batch runs, see the batch runs topic.

Batch files define a set of runs that you want SORTIE-ND to do at one time. The batch file can list multiple different parameter files, and can run each file more than once.

Working with a batch file does not in any way affect any parameter files you may also be working on. You can work with batch files without having a parameter file loaded. However, all the parameter files you want to include in your batch file should be complete before you begin.

Batch file name. This is the path and file name of the batch file you are working with.

Add a new parameter file. This section adds a new parameter file to the batch.

Parameter file name. The path and file name to the parameter file(s) to add. You should make this a fully qualified name (i.e. "C:\my files\parameter file 1.xml" rather than "parameter file 1.xml"). (Using the "Browse" button causes this to happen automatically, and you can select multiple files this way.) This ensures that the model will be able to find the file when it comes time to run the batch. You are allowed to enter parameter file names and paths which do not exist on the current computer, to allow you to prepare batch files to run on other machines. Double check that all of your files are in the correct place before you begin to run your batch.

Number of times to run this file. The number of times to run this parameter file during the batch.

Add new parameter file. This button adds a parameter file and a number of times to run to the batch list.

Current parameter files in this batch:. This displays the current parameter files in the batch list, along with the number of times each should be run.

Remove. Use this button to remove one or more parameter files from the batch list.

Once the batch list is the way you want it, click OK to write the file.