Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Batch runs

SORTIE-ND can do simulations one at a time, or in groups. A group of simulations is a batch run. A batch run consists of simulations performed on one or more parameter files, with each parameter file running one or more times.

Setting up a batch run

A batch run is defined using a batch file. You work with batch files using the Batch file setup window. A batch file is an XML file which lists a set of parameter files to run, and the number of times to run each file.

Before you begin a batch run, prepare all of your parameter files. Save them all to an appropriate place. If you are saving output in your parameter files, make sure that the directory(ies) that the output will be written to already exist. It doesn't matter where you put your parameter files, or where you write your output; but if you move parameter files around, SORTIE-ND may not be able to find them when it runs your batch.

Once all of your parameter files are ready, create and save your batch file.

Batch runs and output

Parameter files being run in batches can write output files. If you are running a parameter file more than once, SORTIE-ND will automatically rename each run's output files so that they will be numbered sequentially. For instance, if your parameter file saves a file called my_out.out, and you use a batch to run the file three times, you will get the following output files: my_out_1.out, my_out_2.out, and my_out_3.out.

Running a batch

Once you have created a batch file, you can run it by choosing "Model-> Run Batch...". This allows you to select the batch file you have created. Once you have selected it, SORTIE-ND will begin running your batch. You do not have to have a parameter file of any kind loaded into SORTIE-ND to begin a batch run. If you have a parameter file currently loaded, it will have no effect on the batch run.

You cannot view output during a batch run, like you can with a single run. This is because of the difficulty SORTIE-ND would have in managing the many possible output files. You also cannot pause a batch run, only stop it. However, if you do stop a batch run, any output that was created before you stopped it will still be present and available.

If a simulation within a batch fails for some reason, SORTIE-ND will attempt to skip that simulation and complete the others specified in the file.