Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Power growth - height only

This behavior uses a power function to do height growth.

Parameters for this behavior

Parameter nameDescription
Power Height Growth - nThe coefficient in the power function for height growth.
Power Height Growth - ExpThe exponent in the power function for height growth.

How it works

The amount of height growth is calculated as:

Y = n H φ


  • Y is the amount of height growth for one year, in cm
  • n is the Power Height Growth - n parameter
  • φ is the Power Height Growth - Exp parameter
  • H is the tree's height in cm

If the timestep is more than one year long, growth is recalculated for each year of the timestep, increasing the height each time.

How to apply it

This behavior can be applied to seedlings, saplings, and adults of any species. Any tree species/type combination to which it is applied must also have a diameter growth behavior applied.