Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Constant basal area growth

Parameters for these behaviors

Parameter nameDescription
Adult Constant Area Growth in sq. cm/yrThe constant amount of basal area by which to increase a tree's basal area.

How it works

The amount of diameter increase is calculated from a constant basal area increment. The increase is calculated as follows:

Y = (g / diam) * 100 * T


  • Y is the amount of diameter increase, in cm
  • g is the Adult Constant Area Growth in sq. cm/yr parameter
  • diam is the tree's diameter, in cm
  • T is the number of years per timestep

How to apply it

This behavior can be applied to seedlings, saplings, and adults of any species. Any tree species/type combination to which it is applied must also have a light behavior applied. You can use either the diam with auto height or diam only version.