Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics


SORTIE-ND software is subject to the SORTIE-ND license. Downloading any software or source code indicates your acceptance of this license.

Release notes:

Versions 7.01.01, 7.01.02, and 7.01.03 contain minor bug fixes.

Note that version numbers for each download reflect the last time they were updated: if they have a release number before the latest, they were not updated with the latest release.

There have been some big changes in the inner workings of SORTIE-ND to allow more flexibility and function. These changes have been extensively tested but until they get used day-to-day, we know problems can still appear. Therefore we decided to officially release version 7.0 as a beta. Please report all problems to tech support and we will resolve them as quickly as possible.

FileDescriptionDate releasedSize (KB)Platform
SORTIE_setup_7_01_03_beta.zipSORTIE-ND 7.01.03 beta software with user manualApril 22, 20139156Windows
SORTIE-ND 7.01 Beta User Manual.pdfSORTIE-ND 7.01 beta user manualOctober 18, 20123024PDF / Any
manual_7_01_beta.zipSORTIE-ND 7.01 Beta complete user and developer manualOctober 18, 201210553HTML / Any
manual_7_01_beta.tar.gzSORTIE 7.01 Beta complete user and developer manualOctober 18, 20127633HTML / Any
sample_par_file.zipSample GMF parameter file (more info)October 18, 20125SORTIE-ND
c_code_7_01_01_beta.zipSORTIE-ND 7.01 beta core model source codeFebruary 8, 20137218C++ / Windows
linux_c_code_7_01_beta.tar.gzSORTIE-ND 7.01 beta core model source code for Linux, ALPHA (see README)October 18, 2012676C++ / Linux
java_code_7_01_01_beta.zipSORTIE-ND GUI source codeFebruary 8, 20135282Java / Any
c_test_code_7_01_beta.zipSORTIE-ND CppUnit test source codeOctober 18, 201222875C++