Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics


SORTIE-ND software is subject to the SORTIE-ND license. Downloading any software or source code indicates your acceptance of this license.

NOTICE: This version of SORTIE contains a documentation error. For spatial disperse, the STR parameters were incorrectly identified as STR/n. You can read the corrected documentation here.

FileDescriptionDate releasedSize (KB)Platform
sortie_setup_6_08.zipSORTIE-ND 6.08 software with user manualMay 24, 20075738Windows
gmf_sample_6_08.zipSample GMF parameter file and output (DEPRECATED, see most recent)May 24, 200732SORTIE-ND
c_code_6_08.zipSORTIE-ND 6.08 core model source codeMay 24, 20073948C++ / Windows
sortie-linux-c-src.tar.gzSORTIE-ND 6.08 core model source code for Linux, ALPHA (see README)June 29, 20078432C++ / Linux
SORTIE 6.08 User Manual.pdfSORTIE-ND 6.08 user manualMay 24, 20071291PDF / Any
manual_6_08.zipSORTIE-ND 6.08 complete user and developer manualMay 24, 20073906HTML / Any
java_code_6_08.zipSORTIE-ND GUI source codeMay 24, 20073605Java / Any
c_test_code_6_08.zipSORTIE-ND CppUnit test source codeMay 24, 20073998C++ / Windows
GUI.tar.gzSORTIE-ND user interface and libraries as Java JAR filesJuly 20, 20073557Java / Any