Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Manage tree maps

This window is reached from the menu option "Edit-> Tree Population-> Manage tree maps" in the main SORTIE-ND window. This allows you to manage tree maps as an addition to the tree population.

Add tree map. This lets you load a tab-delimited tree map file and add it to your current parameter file. These trees will add to any tree maps already loaded. You will be given the option of adding the file to the parameter file, or keeping it separate. The first method is almost always preferred. However, sometimes a very large map file will make the parameter file too big for SORTIE to read. In this case, the text file can be kept as a separate file and only its filename can be added. SORTIE-ND will then read the file directly when the run begins.

Remove tree map trees. If there is a tree map loaded, then the button marked "Remove tree map trees" is enabled. If you want to remove all currently loaded tree map trees, click this button. This action cannot be undone.

Write tree map to text file. If there is a tree map loaded, then the button marked "Write tree map to text file" is enabled. Click this button to write the contents of the currently loaded tree map to a tab-delimited text file, which you can open in a spreadsheet or text editor. Files created this way are only for your own use. SORTIE-ND cannot accept them as run input. However, you can transform them yourself into a tab-delimited map file that SORTIE-ND can accept; see the Tab-delimited tree map topic.