Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Set up grid save options

This window is reached from the Setup detailed output file window. It allows you to choose options for grid data for a detailed output file. Each grid has different data associated with it, so you must choose them separately. You choose each piece of data you want to save, and how often you want to save it. You can work through the process below as many times as you like until you have your settings the way you want them. For a guide on how to set up output, see the Output strategies topic.

Select a grid. Choose one of the current run's active grids from this drop-down list. The grids that appear in that list depends on the list of behaviors for this run (editable using the Edit simulation flow window). If none of the behaviors with which a grid is associated are enabled, then the grid won't show up in the list.

Save every X timesteps. Choose how often, in timesteps, you want to save this grid's data. The number 1 saves every timestep. The number 0 saves only the first and last timesteps. Any other number X saves data every X timesteps.

For this grid save. Choose the data to save for this grid. Ctrl + click to select multiple items. For an explanation of what each grid's data is, see the individual grid documentation.

Add. Use the Add button once you have chosen your data and how often you wish to save it.

What's being saved. This is a list of all of the save settings that are currently set up for all grids.

Remove. If you would like to erase a setting, select it in the "What's being saved" box and click "Remove".