Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Subplots in output

Sometimes you might want to track a portion of the plot separately from the rest of it. You can do this by defining subplots when you set up your output files. You can save separate subplots in both the detailed and summary output files. Subplot data is included in the summary output file. SORTIE produces a detailed output file for the whole plot, and one for each subplot you define.

You can save up to five subplots. The subplots do not have to be continuous in area.

The same data is saved both for subplots and the plot as a whole. Only tree data can be "subplotted". If grid data is saved, the whole grid will always be saved. It is easy to work with only a portion of a grid's data by, for example, printing out the grid using the Grid Setup window.

To create subplots, click the button that says "Set up subplots..." on the output file windows. This will open the Edit subplots window.

If you load a summary output file that contains subplot data for viewing charts and graphs in SORTIE, you will automatically be given separate chart viewing options for the whole plot plus each subplot. To view subplot charts and graphs for detailed output, you can open the detailed output subplot files separately.