Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Using output as input to a new run

The tree and grid map data from detailed output files may be used as initial conditions for a new parameter file. This is useful when you want to generate starting conditions for future runs that start with a stable forest structure, or when you want to troubleshoot a run by recreating certain conditions.

Here are the requirements for a detailed output map file to be loaded with a parameter file different from its original file:

  • The parameter file must have the same species as the parameter file used to create the detailed output file.
  • The Plot dimensions must be the same.
  • Each map that you want to use must make sense as a complete dataset. For instance, you cannot do a run with a tree map in which you have saved the X coordinates of trees but not the Y coordinates.
  • If any behavior-specific data was saved for trees, those same behaviors must be enabled for the current run. (For more, see the tree data member list topic.)

The detailed output file can be used to completely save the state of the model. If your detailed output file saves everything, you could start a new analysis using any timestep of a previous analysis as the starting point. In order to save a complete detailed output file, use the "Save Everything" button on the Setup detailed output file window.

To load a detailed output file as initial conditions, first load the parameter file. Then, using "File-> Open File", choose the detailed output file. A window will open showing the sub-files within the detailed output file, one per timestep. Double-click the timestep you want to load. You can either replace existing data or add to it. If you choose to add data, if an existing tree map is loaded, those trees will be combined with the new tree map. Grid values will be overwritten either way. If you don't want to use all the maps, you can erase those for individual grids and trees using the Edit menu options Grid layer setup and Manage tree maps.