Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Setting up grid initial conditions

In addition to setting a grid's cell size, you can also set its initial values. As with trees, setting the initial values of a grid can have an impact on the outcome of a run.

For many grids setting the initial values in the grid cells is not required, or in some cases, even allowed: for instance, a grid that is used to report on plot biomass will not accept input. The documentation for the behavior that creates the grid will guide you as to whether you can or need to provide initial values.

If setting the initial values for a grid is optional, you choose to set them generally because you want to reproduce conditions from another run.

There are two ways to add grid initial conditions to a parameter file: the first is the Grid setup window. This allows you to work with grid values directly in a spreadsheet-like format. The other way is to add a grid map from a detailed output file.