Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Setting up behaviors: parameters

Almost all behaviors need values and settings from the user to function. These are called the behavior parameters.

Once you have established the set of behaviors for your run, you will need to provide values for all parameters for those behaviors. To edit the behavior parameters, use the "Edit-> Parameters" menu option. You may want to work with one set of parameters at a time when you are first entering them, because the window will validate your entries before accepting them and it will be easier troubleshoot one section at a time.

When editing the parameters, if you are not sure what a parameter is or what value you should enter, you can check the parameters page for that behavior functional group. It lists all parameters for all behaviors in that group in alphabetical order with a short description of each, and tells you what behavior they belong to.

Once the parameters are entered, you can view them all at once and save a copy of a text version as a record.