Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Grid list

Complete list of all grids:
Average Light grid
Basal Area Light grid
Carbon Value grid
Climate Comp Dep Neighborhood Survival grid
Competition Harvest Results grid
Detailed Substrate grid
Detailed Substrate calcs grid
Dispersed Seeds grid
Foliar Chemistry grid
Gap Light grid
GLI Map [X] grid
Harvest Master Cuts grid
Harvest Results grid
Merchantable Timber Value grid
Mortality Episode Master Cuts grid
Mortality Episode Results grid
NCI Quadrat Growth grid
Neighborhood Seed Predation grid
Partitioned Biomass grid
Planting Results grid
Quadrat GLI grid
Relative Neighborhood Density grid
Resource grid
Ripley's K grid
Seed Predators grid
Snag Decay Class Dynamics Basal Area grid
State Variables grid
Storm Damage grid
Storm Killed Partitioned Biomass grid
Storm Light grid
Storm Susceptibility grid
Substrate grid
Substrate calcs grid
Substrate Favorability grid
Temperature Dependent Neighborhood Survival grid
Windstorm Results grid
Years Since Last Harvest grid