Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

C++ Interface

You can bypass the Java interface when working with the C++ core. This is very useful when debugging.

To access the interface, build the project that contains the interface and then run "coremodel.exe" (probably from a debugger). The welcome screen should appear in a DOS window.

To add a file, type "input " + the filename. If the file reads correctly, the following appears:

Model Status: Ready to run.

To run, type "run". If you want to specify a number of timesteps to run, you can type the number after the word "run." To enter another file, type "input " followed by the path and name of the parameter file.

For a list of all commands, type "help". To end, type "quit".

Sometimes the interface traps debugger commands. In this case launch coremodel with the name of the parameter file as an argument.