SORTIE Core C++ Documentation

Running the Code

If you have the SORTIE.exe executable, you can run it directly in two ways. If you launch the executable directly, either on a command line with no arguments or by double-clicking it, it will launch a DOS interface. To input a file, type "input " + the filename. This file can be a parameter file, a batch file, or a map file to be added to a parameter file you already entered. If the file reads correctly, the following appears: Model Status: Ready to run. To run, type "run". If you want to specify a number of timesteps to run, you can type the number after the word "run." To enter another file, type "input " followed by the path and name of the parameter file. For a list of all commands, type "help". To end, type "quit".

You can also run SORTIE from the command line by adding as an argument the name of the parameter or batch file you wish it to run. For example, c:\sortie\sortie.exe myparamfile.xml

When running from either method, SORTIE will update its status via messages to stdout, which you will see in the DOS window.